Musher's Secret

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      All Season Pet Paw Protection Against Heat, Hot Pavement, Sand, Dirt, Snow - Great for Dogs on Trails and Walks!... Show more

      Product description

      Made with 100% natural waxes. Excellent at preventing build up of snow and ice on paws. Protection from "salt burn" caused by ice melting chemicals etc. and from sandburn & hot asphalt in Summer. Keeps paw pads supple and helps prevent old calloused paws from slipping on smooth surfaces, when applied regularly. Soothes fly bites and helps keep biting insects off and away.

      Apply sparingly on and between toe pads. No need to shave hair. Re-apply as needed. In heavy salt conditions,, wipe paws with a clean soft cloth when returning indoors in order to remove salt or other contaminants.

      Non toxic. Non staining. Safe & Easy to use. For external use only.


      Blend of 100% natural waxes (including white and yellow Beeswax, Carnauba wax and Candelilla wax) and vegetable oils with Vitamin E.

      Musher's Secret does not contain soy, flaxseed or Tea Tree oil, and nut oils, lanolin or petroleum products.


      Apply a light coating to paws and allow to absorb for a moment or two. For snowballing, apply between pads as well. Reapply as needed: in extreme heat or snow conditions, or for very dry, cracked pads 2-3 times per week. For year round protection 1 time per week should be enough.

      Musher's Secret
      $ 16.99
      Excl. tax
      Musher's Secret
      Size : 60g
      In stock: Pickup available; Delivery M-F
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