Cat Water Urinary Formula 4L

      Product description

      THE BENEFITS OF CATWATER - Using a unique process, VETWATER has developed CATWATER – Urinary Formula to help prevent urinary problems in cats.

      Its formulation is based on a preventative approach, as recommended by research in veterinary medicine, which relies on 3 pillars of intervention:

      1.)  Helps increase water consumption in cats      

      CATWATER is ozonated and chlorine-free with a light rate of acidity which encourages cats to drink more

      2.)  Helps promote an ideal urinary pH   

      CATWATER has a perfectly balanced pH between 6.2 and 6.4 that suits cats' needs

      3.)  Helps minimize the presence of the minerals responsible for causing crystals and stones in the bladder    

      CATWATER contains no minerals associated to urinary problems

      Cat’s weight

      Suggested amount of water given daily

      Duration of a 4L bottle of CATWATER

      1kg | 2lbs50ml80 days
      1.8kg | 4lbs90ml44 days
      3kg | 7lbs150ml27 days
      4kg | 8.8lbs225ml18 days

      *The recommended amount for daily water consumption in cats varies between 44-55ml depending on the size and weight of the cat, the type of food eaten (whether dry or wet), and the time of year.



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      Cat Water Urinary Formula 4L
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      Cat Water Urinary Formula 4L
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