Pet Greens Medley Self Grow Kit

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      Cat Grass seed and soil as our popular pre-grown Cat Grass, offered in an easy-grow kit.

      • Indoor Wellness: Indoor cats* often try to satisfy their craving for greens by munching on houseplants. Cat Grass provides a life-enriching, safe alternative.
      • Healthy Digestion: Help your cat achieve optimal indoor wellness with fresh and gentle green fiber that supports digestive health - a natural hairball treat.
      • Nutrient-Rich: All-natural, organic Cat Grass is a superfood that is packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, protein and anti-oxidants.

      *Also great for Dogs, Birds, Reptiles, Rabbits and other small pets!

      Mixture of Oat, Rye & Barley seeds & soil

      Pet Greens Self-Grow Garden is certified organic wheatgrass that grows right out of the bag in 5-7 days. Great for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and small animals.

      Feed to your pet as a healthy reward or snack.


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      Pet Greens Medley  Self Grow Kit
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      Pet Greens Medley Self Grow Kit
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