JW Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer

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      Guillotine-style trimmer to make trimming your pet's nails safe and easy. A rubber-sheathed handle with Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips and an ergonomically designed handle made to fit the natural curvature of your hand that provides optimal comfort and control while grooming your pet. Stainless-steel blades and a high-quality built-in nail cutting guard help prevent cutting your pet's nails too short. The regular size is best for medium-sized breeds while the Jumbo size is best for larger breeds. When trimming your dog's nails always get your dog comfortable first with nail trimming by gently stroking paws.

      Orders will receive a randomly chosen blue or yellow nail clipper.


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      JW Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer
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      JW Gripsoft Deluxe Nail Trimmer
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