Doc & Phoebe Doc & Phoebe Indoor Cat Feeder

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      Cat's are natural born hunters. They are meant to chase, search and stalk their food. This feeder allows cat owner to give their feline friends an opportunity to do just that. 

      The Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder is a complete bowl replacement for one cat. Instead of filling the bowl twice a day, fill and hide the 3 Doc & Phoebe Mice morning and night. Your cat will hunt, catch, and play with many small meals day and night, as nature intended. Hiding these easy and fun feeders will help to decrease anxiety, reduce the instance of scarf and barf, end early wake up calls from a hungry cat, and correct your litter box woes.

      Each Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder Includes:

      • 1 Trainer complete with multiple dispensing holes
      • 3 Feeders each with two dispensing holes - designed for any size kibble
      • 3 Feeder Skins to simulate the tactile feel of prey allowing your cat to grab, claw and use its teeth as it would in the hunt
      • 1 Scoop to hold 1.6 tablespoons (approx. 1/6th the daily ration of an average 10-pound cat)


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      Doc & Phoebe Doc & Phoebe Indoor Cat Feeder
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      Doc & Phoebe Doc & Phoebe Indoor Cat Feeder
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