Cosmic Cat Shake Yer Tale

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      Pet Zone 1550012641 Shake Yer Tail Feather Play-N-Squeak® Cat Toy

      • Squeaks just like a RealMouse®
      • Includes catnip for added frolic
      • Provides healthy play and exercise and keeps cats entertained
      • May prevent behavior problems associated with boredom
      • Developed with a cat's unique instinctual needs in mind
      • Feathers and fur awaken a cat's hunting instinct. An ounce of mouse equals a ton of pounce!
      Pet Zone Shake yer Tail Feather
      • Furry, feathery fun
      • Squeaks like a RealMouse
      • Includes catnip


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      Cosmic Cat Shake Yer Tale
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      Cosmic Cat Shake Yer Tale
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